My Talks

You need a local emulator?


Lack of a local emulator is probably the number one complaint people have when developing with azure services.

Relying on online services during development is slowing you down, that is a fact.

But a local emulator is not the answer...

A different testing strategy is though!

In this session I will teach you a testing strategy that will allow you to run your entire test suite reliably, in less than 10 seconds, and still use remote azure services.


Fantastic 9


There are thousands of design patterns to choose from, but in reality I believe we only need 9 design patterns to build any system imaginable.

Why only 9?

And which ones?

Join me in this session and I'll introduce to these Fantastic 9...


Building Offline Capable PWA's


Past weekend we delivered over 1300 meals at our basketball clubs takeaway fundraiser in under 3 hours.

The unsung hero of this effort is an order management system that runs equally well online as well as offline.

Building such a system proved to be quite a challenge.

In this session I want to share some of the architectural, design and implementation lessons that I've learned along the way while solving this challenge.


Back to the 90's: revenge of the static website


Back in the early days of the web, late 90's, just about all sites were static. Over time the web required more dynamic content and interaction, so these web sites evolved into web applications based on databases, server side rendering and a little bit of javascript sprinkled on top.

The result is a complex and often costly architecture.

oday however, the combination of Javascript, serverless API's and HTML5 Markup, the JAMStack, has become so powerful that you can consider it an application platform on it's own with a much simpler architecture and cost model.

In this session I will introduce you to the JAMStack, and how to implement it on Azure.